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Within each of my books, there is a general theme that reflects creativity and the passion for new ideas. 

Branding@the digital age

by Richard Gerstman and Herb Meyers


A comprehensive tour of branding issues in online commerce.


In seeking answers to the e-commerce experience, this book explores how and why branding has become one of the key issues in the evolution of this medium.

You will benefit from the visions of prominent business leaders at companies such as McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft who share their industry knowledge and experience and candidly discuss the views and approaches to e-tailing and e-branding.

The Visionary Package

by Richard Gerstman and Herb Meyers


This book uses numerous case histories blended with day-to-day marketing issues to demonstrate the importance of packaging to a product's success. Richard Gerstman and Herb Meyers trace the history of packaging and where the industry might be going in the years to come. This book makes readers take a second look at the shopping environment they often take for granted. It's a must read for marketers as well as members, and future members of the design community.

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Creativity - Unconventional Wisdom from 20
Accomplished Minds

by Richard Gerstman and Herb Meyers

ISBN- 978-0-230-00134-3

What do Edward Albee, Chuck Close, Dale Chihuly, David Halberstam, Julie Taymor, Steve Wozniak, Milton Glaser and Daniel Libeskind have in common? They are some of the most influential creative leaders of multiple generations, turning natural talent and personal drive into art and business empires.


In this fascinating book, the authors have interviewed 20 well known creative people to identify why they feel that creativity is so important in stimulating mankind, what motivates these creative leaders, how their ideas are born, expanded upon and eventually implemented. Herb Meyers and Richard Gerstman discover through deft analysis that there are common themes and methods in creativity that often lead to uncommon and unexpected results.

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Business Ours

by Richard Gerstman and Herb Meyers


This book will serve as a guide to those who are thinking about starting their own consulting business. The book describes how the authors started as a small group of four and grew into a preeminent international design consultancy.

The authors believe that by recounting their challenges, their vision and their leadership philosophy, this book will be an inspiration to all entrepreneurs who are dreaming about guiding their own business venture.

That's what this book is about -- being your own boss.

Scandinavia in 1962

by Richard Gerstman

This is the story and photographs of the author's journey from the US to Norway in 1962, and the jobs and travels through Norway, Denmark and Sweden at that time.

The book includes 100 photographs by the author and reflects upon living, working and understanding traditions in Oslo, travels to Denmark, visiting, then working in Stockholm -- all before returning to the US in1963.

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Sketch While You Travel

by Richard Gerstman


If you like to sketch and like to travel, this book will give your journeys a new dimension. Start sketching scenes and structures from different parts of the world. Richard Gerstman will instruct you. He has traveled to many parts of the world and bring his sketchbook with him every day that he travels.

This book instructs, demonstrates, and gives examples of sketches that will help you ceate your own travel sketchbook. Pages in the book reveal the art elements -- perspective, shading, reflective water, flowers, trees, steeples, archways, people, and sketching with the iPad. The drawings will bring back memories and details that photographs cannot do.

When you get home you can frame or hang your drawings. Read how you can share the drawings or copies of the drawings with family and friends and sell some of the drawings on the market.

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