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Sketch While You Travel. If you like to sketch and if you like to travel, this book will give your journeys a whole new dimension. Read about the fun of making drawings that will always bring memories of the places you visited.

Richard Gerstman, experienced artist, designer and traveler, will instruct you. He has traveled to many parts of the world for over 35 years and brings his sketchbook with him every day that he travels.

This book instructs, demonstrates and gives examples of sketches to help you create your own travel sketchbook. Pages in the book reveal the art elements -- perspective, shading, reflective water, flowers, trees, steeples, archways, people and sketching with the iPad. You will learn the steps and techniques for sketching anywhere. The drawings you make will bring beck memories and details that photographs cannot do.

When you get home, you can frame or hang your drawings so the journeys remain with you. Read how you can share the drawings or copies of the drawings with family and friends and sell some of the drawings on the market.

Take Sketch While You Travel with you on all your journeys!



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